For Rent

Tip Top Realty Inc. offers quality property for rent for qualified tenants. Our rental inventory includes apartments, condominiums, townhouses and single family homes in the Great Eastbay and Tri-Valley area.

Use our contact form to tell us what type of property you are interested in renting and we will contact you with a list of available properties that meet your needs.

From our website you can print the following forms:

“Rental Application Requirements”
“California Apartment Association Approved Application Form”

Tip Top Realty’s Property Management Services include listing and marketing available rental properties for property owners. For more information about our full line of services visit our Property Management page on the website.

For Sale

Tip Top Realty Inc is a licensed residential real estate sales company. We provide real estate services to home buyers and sellers, banks, and property investors. We specialize in “distressed real estate acquisition” which makes us a valuable resource for our existing property owners who want to increase their property portfolio or for those who want to invest in property for rental purposes.

You can access a full listing of available properties in the greater Eastbay and Tri-Valley area via this MLS – Multiple Listing Service.

Use our contact form to tell us about the type of property, the location you desire and the purpose of the purchase you are planning to make ; be it personal residence or investment property. Our staff will promptly get back to you to discuss all your property needs.

If you have any questions please call (510) 714-8104

Properties for SALE or RENT