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As a renter, getting along well with your landlord and neighbors is important. It is in your best interest to be a good tenant as you never know when you will need a solid reference if or when you move to another rental property.


Read your lease agreement and know the rules. Reading your lease agreement before you sign it is important. The lease will contain important information about your responsibilities as a tenant, such as, when you need to give notice if you intend to move and specific rules for living in the unit or house, Simply knowing how many guest you can have at the pool or when the trash cans need to go out, will avoid unnecessary conflicts with your landlord.

Keep your landlord happy, pay the rent on time. Paying your rent on time will keep your credit record clean and you will avoid paying late fees.

Secure renters insurance. The landlord’s insurance policy covers the property/dwelling you are living in. Renters must have their own policies to cover their personal property. Renters insurance also provides liability coverage to protect you if anyone gets hurt on your property or if your washer overflows and damages other tenants’ belongings.

Don’t forget to ask first. If you want to do something to your unit or the house you are renting, that is not clearly stated in the lease, ask the landlord first before proceeding. Painting the walls of the bedroom purple may not be acceptable.

Follow the rules. Ignoring and breaking rules which are clearly stated, such as the number of pets permitted, is a clear violation of the lease. You can be assessed penalties and you may not be able to renew your lease.

Treat the property as if you own it. Keep the place clean and report any repair issues promptly to the landlord. Abusing the property can lead to you not being eligible to receive your initial deposit back when you move out.

Good neighbor rule. Getting to know your neighbors is a good way to make new friends. They can be a person you can call in case of an emergency or to keep an eye out on your place when you are away. Be respectful by keeping the noise level down and not infringing on neighbors space.