Tip Top Realty Inc. Complete Property Management Services

Customer Service: We are available 24/7 for your property and its residents’ needs. We are affiliated with a local general building contractor who gives us preferred rates to our customers. We have access to dozens of vendors who can provide the services that your property may need.

Vacancies: When there is a vacancy, we handle the complete process of the move-out, inspection, turnover of the unit to make it rent-ready, marketing for rental, signage, advertising, showing of the property to prospective tenants, application and screening process, lease and all necessary addenda as applicable by law, walk-through and move-in.

Marketing: Of course, the best way to rent a property quickly is to make sure that the property is priced right and is in good “tip top” condition! After the property has been prepared for market, Tip Top Realty Inc. strives to acquire only qualified tenants and competitive rent for your property by reaching out to as many possible applicants as possible in several ways

Placement of a professional “For Rent” sign at the property.
Newspaper Rental Ads – when appropriate
Property Listings on internet websites; Internet listing of property is the most effective and convenient way to attract prospective tenants.
As local Realtors®, we can also li st your property on the local MLS, making your listing accessible to thousands of leasing agents to cooperating Realtors®.

Resident Screening/Application Process: After we have shown the vacant unit, and have obtained a completed application package from a prospective resident, Tip Top Realty Inc. will handle the entire application process. This includes review of entire application package, verification of income and employment, verification of current rental history, credit and eviction screening and criminal background check. After all criteria have been met, we complete the move-in process.

Tenant Retention: While customer service to our residents is our number one goal, we strive to keep them after the lease period has expired. When a lease is coming up for renewal, depending on the market area rental rates, we may suggest increasing or decreasing the rent and/or offering an incentive to the resident when offering a lease renewal. Tenant referrals are always welcome for consideration.

Building Maintenance: Your investment requires upkeep and care, and we will make sure that necessary maintenance is conducted with your approval. We are available 24/7 to your tenants to assist them with their maintenance needs. We visit the properties as per scheduled, to ensure that the tenants are taking good care of their rental unit, and that there is no deferred (unreported) maintenance that can cause further problems to your investment. We enforce proper signage when applicable at your properties and check that all rental units are compliant with current health and safety codes including smoke alarm and CO detector.

Rent Collection: Normally, rents are due on the 1st and late after the 5th of each month. Rent collection policies are enforced as per the lease agreement. We enforce late rent policies by serving written notices as required by law. If an Unlawful Detainer Action to start eviction action on a tenant is necessary, we advise the owner and proceed.

Accounts Payable: We pay all monthly payables on behalf of the property owner, as instructed by the ownership, with available funds that we hold for the property.

Owner Statements & Distributions: Our owners receive a monthly statement for their property each month which details the income and expenses for each month. Any distribution funds due owner are disbursed at this time and mailed to our owners. Statements can be mailed, e-mailed or faxed. Distribution checks can be by written check or direct deposit to your bank. Year-end tax information will be provided to you as per IRS requirements for 1099 reporting.

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