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Need a larger home? Relocating for a new job? Downsizing your lifestyle?

Whatever your reason is to sell your home, Tip Top Realty’s experienced agents are prepared to work closely with you to support and guide you through the entire process. 

Reasons Why You Should Choose Us
  • All of our agents are licensed and certified.
  • We are professionally trained and qualified to represent your interests and ensure that the selling process goes smoothly.
  • We know the real estate in your area and the necessary data to recommend a realistic selling price for your home.
  • We have access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so your home will be available to many agents in your area.
  • We promote interest in your home by planning a showing for agents in the area, who often have potential buyers in mind.
  • We negotiate on your behalf, with potential buyers, to secure the best selling price for your home.
  • We understand the contracts and stay current with all the laws and necessary paperwork.
  • We make recommendations to prepare your home for sale, including necessary repairs to insure your home is compliant.


Maryanne is very easy to talk to and I never felt silly asking questions that might seem obvious. She ran around and did so much leg work for us during the escrow to make sure we closed on time. Buying a house is scary as hell but Maryanne made it so fun, I was actually a little sad when it was over because now I don't get to talk to her every day! She is the first guest on our housewarming list and she should be your first call when considering ownership!

Barbara P


When is the best time to sell my house?

Most data supports that the spring months, March, April, and May, are the months that a seller is most likely to be offered top dollar for their home. Real estate markets differ so there are great times to sell and other less desirable. Your licensed real estate agent will make a recommendation based on your individual needs and most convenient for your situation.   

No matter what time of year you decide to sell your home it is important that you prepare yourself and your home for sale.


  • Get Your Documents in Order– It is important to have documents available that your agent, attorney or potential buyer may request. Deed/mortgage information, tax bills, building permits, are a few examples of the type of documents you should prepare.
  • Pre- Listing Home inspection – It is preferred that you have a professional home inspection performed prior to putting your home on the market. With a professional home inspection you will receive a detailed report indicating, if any, the necessary repairs needed to be made to your property. 
  • Improve Your Curb Appeal – First impressions mean a lot. Clean out flower beds of weeds, take out dead plants, trim trees and bushes, and keep the lawn well-groomed and watered.
  • Get Rid of Clutter – The  exterior and interior of the house should be cleared of unnecessary items that are laying around and not a functional  part of the houses’  outdoor and indoor living space.     
  • Preparing Your Home for Showings – You want to portray the best image of your home when potential buyers walk through the door.
  • Some basic things you should do:

    • Paint walls a neutral color that will appeal to potential buyers.
    • De-personalize your home by removing personal picture and items from your walls and rooms.
    • Remove excess furniture from rooms and organize closets and storage spaces.
    • Clean you home top to bottom. Make it shine.
  • Staging you home – Staging can be an effective way to emphasize the potential and appeal of your house to potential buyers. Staging is now is considered as an essential part of the selling process.  Some statistics indicate homes that are staged for sale, sell quicker and for more money.  Your real estate agent will discuss with you the option of having your home professionally staged.